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1. I am not happy with the system I currently have through another company. Can't I switch over to Act Security Company?

Yes, however, if you have an existing monitoring agreement with another company, you must wait until it expires. Once you are free from your contract obligation, feel free to contact us. We will send a qualified Act Security Company Sales Representative to your location to evaluate your system. Our representatives will determine your security needs, make recommendations, and discuss the necessary steps required to bring you on board as a valued Act Security Company customer.

2. Why get an Alarm system?

People choose to install an alarm system for many reasons having to do with:

1. The location of their home or business
2. Lack of Community awareness
3. Frequent absences (e.g., business trips)
4. Medical Emergencies
5. And/or a desire for greater peace-of-mind

3. How does an alarm system work?

Afrer you've purchased your custom alarm system, we help you program the system's communicator to dial the telephone number of an alarm receiver in our locally-based monitoring station. Your security system is connected to one of the regular telephone lines at your home or business for this purpose.

4. Who will be monitoring my alarm?

Monitronics International UL listed 24-hour Monitoring Center. Our professionally trained operators are always there to promptly respond to all of your alarm conditions.

5. What happens when my alarm is triggered?

Upon receipt of an alarm signal from your security system, dispatchers in our monitoring station will telephone your home or business first. This will avoid false alarms. If you're home when the alarm is triggered, we'll ask you to provide us with your secret password or number and then verify the alarm condition. If you are not home when we call to verify the alarm, we'll promptly telephone and notify the firs available person on your call-list. Your call-list may include yourself, neighbors, employees, friends and/or family members.

Immediately after and only if we determine it's necessary, we telephone the authorities (police and/or fire department) to advise them of the alarm condition.

6. Will your Monitoring Center receive an alarm signal if the alarm is not armed?

No, we will not receive a signal. It is important to turn your alarm on, even when you are at home. It is best to have your perimeter protection on whenever possible. Perimeter protection is an option that allows you to move about freely inside your home while all doors and windows are armed.

7. What is the difference between a hard-wired and wireless system?

The main difference is the type of technology and the type of installation. When it comes to the system capabilities and effectiveness, there is no difference.